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Review Article
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Tobacco Use – A Risk Factor for Dental Implant 17 -20
Rajkumari Surbala Devi , Shafi Ahmad , Manish Kumar , S. G. Sushma , Subodh Kumar , Divya Jyoti


The use of endosseous implants has increased over the past decade in certain edentulous situations. Dental implant has become a routine procedure done by dental surgeon and has been widely accepted by the patients as their treatment plan. Due to the remarkable success of implant, there are various researches going on to seek out factors liable for the failure of dental implants. With the growing use of tobacco among patients, its ill effects on bone quality and quantity have been well documented in several studies. The purpose of this article is to describe the relationship between usage of tobacco product and implant-related surgical procedures including the incidence of complications related to these procedures, and long-term survival and success rates of dental implants among smokers.

KEYWORDS: Dental Implant, Implant failure, Tobacco product.